1. perfumefragrance:

    100 Favourite Anime Opening/Ending:

    100/07. Hayashibara Megumi - Give a Reason [Slayers Next opening]
  2. ooooops well it is KIND of adult…young adult…oooops! Have you read Octavia Butler’s “Dawn” - she is great!

    I have not, but I’ve read other stuff by her that was rad… thank you!

  3. Top 5 yaoi anatomies



I went searching in “Virgin Love”, and now I’m crying. I don’t understand what I am looking at.
    2. capset:

    3. image

    The first one made me spit my coffee.

  4. "Monster" by Walter Dean Meyers is an amazing book, if this is your type of thing: amazon.com/gp/prod…

    this is a YA book and I actually have read it! but thank you for recommending it anyway, I agree it’s amazing :D

  5. speaking of books someone recommend me an adult novel that’s probably less than 400 pages

    i literally haven’t read an adult novel in like three years so let’s just assume i’ve never read one, go nuts

  6. suziedowninthequiet:

    Lina & I’s friendship in two pictures

  7. onetrueharem:

    let’s make a VN together

    what is that?

    never mind VISUAL NOVEL i get it

    can i print that out at office max though i don’t tink so

  8. let’s make a VN together

    what is that?

  9. back when i was successful at writing books i used to send my drafts to office max to be printed, then i would go pick them up and put them in a binder to do revisions. i really miss that. that was always such an exciting feeling, picking up a draft. i miss writing so bad. i hate my brain now.

  10. i’ve been compiling a list of things that help to quell acute anxiety for me, and bizarrely, reading TV Tropes has ended up on it. why? why does TV Tropes help my anxiety??? this makes 0 sense

    but it works so ok

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